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Brock Hall

1874 East Mall
V6T 1Z1

- Access and Diversity [D] [W]
- Alma Mater Society [D] [W]
- Building Operations [D] [W]
- Central, Eastern and Northern European Studies [D] [W]
- Centre for Organizational Excellence [D] [W]
- Centre for Student Involvement and Careers [D] [W]
- Chaplains [D] [W]
- Classical, Near Eastern and Religious Studies [D] [W]
- Communications Services [D] [W]
- Counselling Services [D] [W]
- Creative Writing [D] [W]
- Dean of Arts [D] [W]
- English [D] [W]
- Enrolment Services & Registrar [D] [W]
- Enrolment Services Professionals [D] [W]
- Equity and Inclusion Office [D] [W]
- Faculty of Arts [D] [W]
- French, Hispanic & Italian Studies [D] [W]
- History [D] [W]
- International Student Initiative [D] [W]
- Linguistics [D] [W]
- Philosophy [D] [W]
- Political Science [D] [W]
- Senate and Curriculum Services [D] [W]
- Student Development and Services [D] [W]
- Student Financial Services [D] [W]
- Student Recruitment and Advising [D] [W]
- UBC Information Technology [D] [W]
- Undergraduate Admissions [D] [W]
- Vice President, Human Resources [D] [W]

Brock Hall

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